Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'm Everyone I Ever Loved

It's Sunday morning and there's a quotation I've used a hundred times, "Damn, I missed church again - makes almost seven years in a row."

This Sunday morning was no different than most - except I suddenly realized I could no longer remember where the quote originated. Pretty sure it was a song lyric, but who? John Prine seemed like a possibility. David Allan Coe? Of course the most common bit of advice I've given over the last decade is: Why think when you can look it up? So I took my own advice and used the Google.

I came up empty. Huh, what? Google said, "No results found." Now that's annoying. I guess I'll be forced to think after all.

Maybe it wasn't a song lyric; it could be from a book. No, I'm pretty sure it was a song lyric. Those first two names, Prine and Coe, didn't feel right. Martin Mull? That sounds better, but what song? I haven't listened to any of Mull's music albums in years, but it had to be off of I'm Everyone I Ever Loved. I didn't have a melody to go with the words and couldn't place it any of the songs I could remember. It was also possible it came from a spoken intro. Mull's intros were often as funny or funnier than the songs themselves.

Thinking time was over. I went back to the Google and searched for "I'm Everyone I Ever Loved track listing." A couple of clicks later and I was listening to the first track, Honor Roll. From the land of the lost I was suddenly back in familiar territory - except my memory of the lyric doesn't quite match reality. Upon further review the full line is: "Damn it, Jesus Christ, I missed church again, makes almost seven years -- God save my soul."

Now all of this from start to finish took maybe 5 minutes - and 1:40 of that was the intro for the song. Still, finding out a piece of trivia or filling in a blank spot in memory usually takes so little time when you have access to the internet that 5 minutes seemed like an eternity. It may be trite to say the internet has changed the world, but it has and I occasionally still marvel at it.

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